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Make a better world – one product at a time

TCO Certified makes it easier for organizations to reach their sustainable IT goals. Life cycle criteria in TCO Certified help reduce the negative social and environmental effects of electronics in manufacturing, use and end of life phases. Organizations around the world use TCO Certified to include and verify sustainability criteria when buying computers, tablets and other office electronics.

Choose environment

TCO Certified includes criteria to reduce hazardous material content, energy consumption and overall environmental impact.

Choose fair

Criteria for socially responsible manufacturing require brand responsibility for fair working conditions in the supply chain.

Choose TCO Certified

Third party verified and comprehensive, TCO Certified helps you make more sustainable IT products choices.

Make your impact – before, during and after

TCO Certified is the world’s most comprehensive third party certification of IT products, with criteria covering a broad spectrum of environmental, social and health/safety criteria throughout the product life cycle. All product models carrying TCO Certified have been tested by independent, accredited third party test facilities and the manufacturing of the products have also been subject to third party social audits.
TCO Certified Criteria – use phase

Manufacturing phase criteria

Socially responsible manufacturing, environmental management system.
TCO Certified Criteria – use phase

Use phase criteria

Climate, ergonomics, health and safety, extended product life and emissions.
TCO Certified Criteria – use phase

End-of-life phase criteria

Reduction of hazardous content and chemicals, design for recycling

Buy sustainably

By asking for TCO Certified you are influencing the industry to take greater responsibility for product sustainability.

Produce sustainably

TCO Certified helps you meet the growing demand for sustainably designed and manufactured IT products.

About us at TCO Development

TCO Development advances sustainable IT and is the organisation behind TCO Certified, the third party sustainability certification for IT products. Professional IT purchasers worldwide choose TCO Certified products as part of their sustainable IT strategy.Products achieving TCO Certified meet a broad series of criteria to ensure that manufacturing, use and recycling is carried out with consideration for environmental, social and economic responsibility.