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Recycled plastic in IT-products

Green IT is more than energy efficient computers. To use more recycled materials in IT products is also an important factor in the race to green IT. Imagine if all computer displays would contain 65 percent post consumer recycled plastic. Five years from now, the industry would have reduced emissions by approximately 860 million kg CO2 and saved energy corresponding to that used to fuel 280 000 European cars a year.

Close to 1,7 million pc’s will be sold over the next five years, many of which will end up in landfills 
This means that most of the resources contained in the product is lost. It also means that virgin resources, with the energy, transport and other environmental impacts associated with that, are needed to continue producing products. Using recycled plastics to a larger extent can not only help reduce the world’s demand for crude oil and other fossil fuels, but it will also reduce the impact on the environment caused by the exploration, mining, reprocessing and transportation of these resources.

Recycled plastic in IT products has significant benefits for the environment
One of today’s major environmental challenges is changing our consumption and production patterns. One way of dealing with this is by closing material loops – reusing or recycling materials to save resources, emissions and energy.

The TCO Certified Edge criteria with up to 65 percent recycled plastic in a PC, has the potential to influence the impact the IT-industry has on the environment today.

Read more about recycled plastic in IT-products and how it can influence the industry’s impact on the environment (pdf)

Go to TCO Development certification database to find products made by recycled plastic (search TCO Certified Edge)

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