Washington DC Summit: New Sustainable IT Purchasing Guidelines

Increasingly purchasers are demanding more transparency into the environmental and social impacts of the IT products they buy. They’re also uniquely positioned to affect positive change at a scale that can transform markets. That is why new US guidelines for sustainable purchasing of IT and other products will be discussed this week at theSustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) annual summit, in Washington, DC May 24 – 26.

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Sustainable IT important in development of Urban Infrastructure

The development of sustainable infrastructure is a key challenge of an increasing global trend toward urbanization. Efficient systems for energy, waste, green buildings and transport are critical for the growth of “Smart Cities”, along with a sustainable IT infrastructure to support them. ICLEI’s Global Town Hall @ Meropolitan Solutions in Hannover April 7-11 offers a platform for municipalities, experts and the private sector to share experiences and innovations in smart, sustainable infrastructure.

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Set criteria that affect factory conditions – conference in Schwerin

The Conference on Socially Responsible IT Procurement, in Schwerin, Germany on February 20-21, is one of the most important events for those interested in including social responsibility demands in the procurement of IT products. TCO Development has been invited to discuss the social responsibility criteria of TCO Certified and the effects that we have seen these requirements to have thus far.

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