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Certify Your Products

Certify your products and meet the growing buyer demand for sustainably designed and manufactured devices. Backed up by third party testing and verification, TCO Certified is an effective way to demonstrate your commitment to environmental and social responsibility throughout the product life cycle: manufacturing, use and end of life.

For best in class products, TCO Certified Edge is a supplemental certification for leading edgeattributes in a specific area, such as ergonomic design or use of recycled materials.

Need help? Contact us for guidance to get started certifying your products.

QuickGuide for manufacturers

A quick overview of TCO Certified criteria and how to certify your products.

Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers about TCO Certified and the certification process.

Why certify your products?

  • Easier access to purchasing contracts where sustainability requirements are included
  • Helps you meet the growing demand for sustainably designed and manufactured devices.
  • Worldwide validity. The criteria do not require registration or variation by region.
  • Third party verification, leading to increased buyer confidence

Certification documents

To get started, locate the relevant criteria and application documents below. Along with the product-specific criteria documents, you can also find the application form and price list which applies to all product categories. For questions, contact our certification team.

The certification process

Certifying your products is a straightforward process. We work with a number of independent verification partners that are qualified for product testing, verification of declarations and factory audits. the certification process is outlined below and can take as little as two weeks. For complete details on the process, contact our certification team.

We work with a number of renown, independent verification partners around the world. These organizations specialize in various aspects of the verification process, including visual ergonomics, product safety, environmental assessments and social responsibility auditing.


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