Webinar on-demand. New Generation TCO Certified

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Webinar on-demand. New Generation TCO Certified

In case you missed the April 9 stakeholder webinar discussing the new generation TCO Certified, you’re now able to view it on demand. Experts Niclas Rydell and Emma Nolte from TCO Development present the draft criteria which are currently open for comment.

Draft criteria include a new approach to reducing hazardous substances in IT products. Based on the GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals™ benchmarking tool, the goal is to eliminate the use of certain identified hazards, while also gaining better knowledge about their replacements and identifying safer alternatives. Also included in the draft are updated criteria for furthering socially responsible manufacturing and a first step in TCO Certified to address the challenge of Conflict Minerals in the IT product supply chain.

Dedicated mini-site

Visit our dedicated New Generation mini-site to access draft and published criteria, background information and submit your comments on the draft through our online form.