Presentation: The New Generation TCO Certified

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Presentation: The New Generation TCO Certified

Thanks to those of you who attended our inaugural Sustainable IT Summit and launch of the New Generation TCO Certified. With a mix of buyers, industry and sustainability experts among the attendees, the Summit offered stakeholders an opportunity to share best practice experiences and explore the way forward in Sustainable IT.

This week we will be publishing on-demand versions of the presentations from Sustainable IT Summit in 3 parts.

Part 1. The New Generation TCO Certified

What’s New? Criteria overview – Niclas Rydell, Certification Director TCO Development

Part 2. Introduction to GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals

Mark Rossi, Interim Executive Director, Clean Production Action

Part 3. Making Social Responsibility Matter in the global value chain

Niklas Egels-Zanden. Associate Professor, Director of Center for Business in Society, University of Gothenburg

Part 1. The New Generation TCO Certified

Niclas Rydell, Certification Director at TCO Development presents important criteria developments, including:

  • Testing of non-halogenated chemicals, a new approach to phasing our hazardous substances
  • Greater brand engagement in supply chain social responsibility
  • Conflict minerals
  • Measurable product values – product weight, energy consumption and percentage of recycled content
Take advantage of this expert knowledge in your sustainable IT planning. Purchasers, this is also a good time to review your IT Hardware contracts to include language that requests products that meet “the latest version of TCO Certified”. This way you can be sure the products you buy meet the New Generation TCO Certified, including the most updated sustainability criteria, backed up by third party verification.
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