Spotlight on verification and stakeholder outreach in 2016

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Spotlight on verification and stakeholder outreach in 2016

Thank you to all our supporters for getting behind the launch of the New Generation TCO Certified. From purchasers updating sustainability criteria to industry partners improving processes and products, it’s positive to see so many stakeholders joining the effort toward a more sustainable IT environment.

But the work doesn’t stop here. Moving toward greater sustainability is ongoing and now that 2016 is underway, we want to share some of the plans we have in store for this year, including product and factory follow up verification, as well as kicking off the 3-year process to develop the next generation TCO Certified.


Sustainable IT Webinars

Webinar series around current topics in Sustainable IT, including practical advice for buyers looking to drive sustainable IT in purchasing.

In the first of our 2016 Sustainable IT webinar series, we invite you to join us on February 18 and find out more about toxics in IT-products.

Read more and register


Product and factory verification rounds

Quality control and verification of compliance are vital aspects of TCO Certified and we have several initiatives planned for this year, including:

  • Spot checks of certified product models
  • “Round robin” product testing at all our independent verification partner facilities. The Round Robin process is how we make sure all our verification partner facilities are testing consistently and are fully updated with test methods in TCO Certified.
  • Follow up social audits of manufacturing facilities.
Read more about verification and quality control in TCO Certified


Next generation TCO Certified process

Launch of the three-year planning process for the next generation TCO Certified. This year will focus on conversations with our stakeholders about the direction of sustainable IT and possible future criteria. Topics will include product design, new technologies, environmental and social challenges and the needs of purchasers. Stay tuned for details on how you can participate.

Read more about our criteria development process

As always, you can stay updated on the latest from TCO Certified and the world of Sustainable IT by subscribing to our newsletter, as well as connecting with us through our social channels, including Twitter and Facebook.

Looking forward to our continued work together in 2016.

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