TCO Certified Tablets 2.0 – draft criteria revisions open for comment

  • Upgraded social responsibility requirements
  • Removal of emissions requirement – allowing for two-pin connectors


Based on stakeholder feedback and our increased focus on socially responsible manufacturing, TCO Development has issued draft criteria revisions for TCO Certified Tablets. The major changes involve the removal of the emissions requirement and an enhancement of the CSR (socially responsible manufacturing) criteria, to be in line with other TCO Certified product categories. Some additional minor updates are also included in the draft and a complete listing can be found in the table below and the draft criteria document, TCO Certified Tablets 2, or on our Development projects page.


The draft is open until October 26 and comments can be sent to Martin Soderberg


The following clauses have been revised:

Criteria area TCO Certified Tablets 1.0 TCO Certified Tablets 2.0 Draft
Emissions A.4.1 & B.4.1Alternating Electrical Felds A.4.1 and B.4.1 – Removed
Emissions A.4.2 & B.4.2Alternating Magnetic Felds A.4.2 & B.4.2  – Removed
Social Responsibility A.6.2.2Corporate Social Responsibility Replaced by clause A.7.1
Social Responsibility A.7.2Senior Management Representative  – Added
Environmental A.6.4.4Non-halogenated substances A.6.4.4 – Revised
Visual Ergonomics A.2.5.3RGB settings A.2.5.3 – Revised (minor)
Visual Ergonomics A.2.5.5Greyscale linearity A.2.5.5 – Revised (minor)


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