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TCO Certified – Sustainability certification for IT-products

TCO Certified – Sustainability certification for IT-products
TCO Certified – Sustainability certification for IT-products 2017-05-05T09:29:53+00:00

TCO Certified

TCO Certified is a sustainability certification for IT products, making it easier for purchasers and industry to make more responsible choices. TCO Certified includes life cycle criteria for social and environmental criteria and independent verification of product, factories and brand responsibility is included, both pre and post certification.

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Now open – New Generation TCO Certified

Beginning November 11, electronics brands and purchasers will be able to take the next step in sustainable IT. The new generation of TCO Certified has now launched and is open for brands to certify their products and for purchasers to choose products that help them reduce environmental and social risks commonly connected to IT hardware. First to certify product include displays from Eizo, Dell, Lenovo, LG and Samsung, headsets from Plantronics and a notebook from Lenovo.

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Comparing Fairphone and TCO Certified is slightly misleading

It's a positive development to see initiatives on the market that aim to make the IT industry more sustainable. The product certification TCO Certified and the manufacturer Fairphone both offer the possibility of choosing smartphones that take social and environmental aspects into consideration. However, the report that compares Fairphone side-by-side to TCO Certified Smartphones is somewhat misleading.

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