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Sales and marketing tools

Promote the benefits of your TCO Certified products to IT buyers and get easier access to contracts that include sustainability criteria. TCO Certified products offer many advantages to IT buyers.

TCO Certified products offer many advantages to IT buyers. On this page we provide you with the tools to communicate these benefits to your customers, including sales messages, logos, backgrounders and other information pieces.

You are welcome to contact us with any questions regarding promoting your products as TCO Certified.


TCO Certified Style Guide

To help you communicate the sustainability benefits of your TCO Certified products, use the TCO Certified Style Guide. The Style Guide offers guidance on how to promote the environmental, social and ergonomic aspects of your TCO Certified products as well as logo usage and messaging for product promotions.


Summary of benefits

A TCO Certified product is:

  • Energy Efficient. Energy Star compliant or equivalent
  • Designed for social and environmental responsibility throughout the life cycle. Criteria in manufacturing, use and end of life phases
  • Assembled in factories that are third party audited for socially responsible working conditions
  • Environmentally designed; minimal hazardous material content, restrictions on heavy metals, chemicals, allergens and halogens
  • Designed for user health, safety and ergonomic comfort: image quality, ergonomic design, acoustic noise protection
  • Tested by accredited third parties for compliance with all criteria

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