Progress report: Both improvements and challenges in IT factory working conditions

The report, Impacts and Insights, measures the most recent effects of the latest generation TCO Certified. The criteria focus on increased brand owner responsibility for supply chain working conditions and conflict minerals initiatives along with a new approach to identifying safer flame retardant chemicals. The current generation of TCO Certified, launched in November 2015, places greater overall responsibility for product and factory compliance on brand owners.

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Chemical tax on products misses the mark

Economic measures are an effective way to drive change, for example reducing the content of hazardous substances in our products and environment. Sweden’s government is currently considering a proposal to introduce a tax on certain consumer products, including electronics, that contain potentially hazardous chemicals.

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A new approach to the phase-out of hazardous substances

One of the major changes proposed in the new generation TCO Certified is a fresh approach to reducing hazardous substance content in computers, displays and other electronic devices. Moving away from focusing on banned substances alone, the draft proposes the addition of an Accepted Substances List, specifying substances that have been evaluated and declared as safer alternatives.

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