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Comparing Fairphone and TCO Certified is slightly misleading

It's a positive development to see initiatives on the market that aim to make the IT industry more sustainable. The product certification TCO Certified and the manufacturer Fairphone both offer the possibility of choosing smartphones that take social and environmental aspects into consideration. However, the report that compares Fairphone side-by-side to TCO Certified Smartphones is somewhat misleading.

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New Generation: Pre-testing now open for all products

The pre-testing process allows industry and our independent verification partners to test products and apply for certification in advance of the official launch, which is scheduled for November 11. This is a great opportunity for you to be among the first to certify!

Smartphones and tablets – purchasers and procurers can make a more sustainable choice

More buyers of smartphones and tablets should make sure they’re asking the major device brands for devices that are sustainably sustainably designed and made. Niclas Rydell of sustainability certification organization TCO Development believes this buyer influence is critical is turning the tide of mounting environmental and social challenges associated with our increased use of mobile computing products.

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Analysis of critique directed at the certification of Samsung Galaxy S4

In June 2013, a group of organizations working with workplace environment, worker rights and environmental issues criticized Samsung’s smartphone Galaxy S4 for being certified according to TCO Certified, TCO Development’s sustainability certification. TCO Development has since completed an analysis, in accordance with the special procedure established for situations where serious critique is directed at a certified product.
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An initial discussion held

An initial discussion was held today the 20th of June 2013 with health and working rights groups from USA, Europe and Asia to discuss TCO Certified in general and the certification of Samsung Galaxy S4 specifically.

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Statement regarding TCO Development’s sustainability certification of the Samsung Galaxy S4

A group of organizations working with workplace environment, health and human rights have issued criticism that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has been certified according to the TCO Certified Smartphone sustainability certification for IT products. Among the issues in the complaint are several instances of cancer among workers at Samsung production facilities as well as Samsung having a “anti-union policy”.
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