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Sustainability certification a catalyst for IT industry progress in socially responsible manufacturing

STOCKHOLM, September 4, 2013. According to recent figures from TCO Development, products from 15 major brands of displays, computers and other devices have now fulfilled new criteria for socially responsible manufacturing required by the TCO Certified sustainability certification for IT products.

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High interest in sustainability noted among German buyers during CeBIT

During the CeBIT convention in Hannover we saw a high interest in the requirements for TCO Certified, and that German buyers want to contribute to a sustainable future. They're showing that they want the industry to be more involved in sustainability issues, especially social responsibility issues during production.
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Swedbank uses IT vendor dialog to further Sustainable IT agenda

When Swedish bank Swedbank was planning a large computer procurement, they decided to include TCO Certified as part of the computer specification as it met their demand for products that are designed for environmental and social responsibility. The dialog and negotiation with interested suppliers resulted in Swedbank switching to a different brand - one that shared their commitment to Sustainable IT principles. This critical dialog between buyer and vendor brought about more computers achieving TCO Certified.
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E-Waste – hazardous to the environment – and human health!

A new study on the effects of E-waste on human health reveals serious negative outcomes for those dismantling and handling components of discarded electronics. The study, published by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, details that workers, some as young as six years of age, are routinely exposed to hazardous materials and inhalation of toxic gases through direct handling of discarded electronics. People affected by this health crisis are mostly in areas where there is little knowledge about the health risks and in many cases no basic health care or social protections.

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