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The list of flame retardants accepted under TCO Certified is growing

Harmful halogenated flame retardants have been mostly phased out of products certified to TCO Certified. However, they have often been replaced with potentially harmful non-halogenated flame retardants where little information about their safety is available. For the new generation TCO Certified, we only accept non-halogenated flame retardants that have been reviewed using GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals.

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Now open – New Generation TCO Certified

Beginning November 11, electronics brands and purchasers will be able to take the next step in sustainable IT. The new generation of TCO Certified has now launched and is open for brands to certify their products and for purchasers to choose products that help them reduce environmental and social risks commonly connected to IT hardware. First to certify product include displays from Eizo, Dell, Lenovo, LG and Samsung, headsets from Plantronics and a notebook from Lenovo.

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TCO Certified notebook featured at The Art of Progress

‘How can each of us change the world?’ That’s the question 19 greek street seeks to answer in its usual quirky and eclectic manner with its most experimental exhibition yet, The Art of Progress. During London Design Festival 2015, the gallery will explore how we can all reconsider our consumer habits and make more ethical, sustainable choices in design, but also fashion, food, electronics and more.

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Choose products that are sustainability certified

When it comes to electronics, it’s not easy for professional buyers and consumers alike to know which products are designed for the environment and manufactured under fair working conditions. Poor conditions for factory workers is a widespread problem in the electronics industry and buyers want to know how they can choose products that are designed and made fairly

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TCO Certified now part of German federal procurement criteria

TCO Certified, announced a new cooperation with the Office for Procurement of the German Ministry of the Interior (Beschaffungsamt des Bundesministerium des Innern, BeschA). TCO Certified is set to become part of the newly established code of conduct, agreed to by the BeschA and the electronics industry group BITKOM, another step toward more sustainable procurement of IT products.

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The power of many – banking and insurance sectors join forces for Sustainable IT

15 Swedish banks and insurance companies have joined together to call for more sustainability options in the IT products they choose. The Banking and Insurance Network for Sustainable IT Purchasing plans to use their collective voice to communicate the growing demand for sustainably designed and made computer products to the IT industry.

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