EU Public procurement to look beyond lowest price as deciding factor

Price will no longer be the key driver in determining what public purchasers buy in the EU, following the passing of new directives this week in the European Parliament. Municipalities and agencies throughout the region will now be able to freely add environmental and social requirements to their purchasing specifications.

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First computer displays certified for socially responsible manufacturing

Now IT purchasers can choose computer displays that meet new TCO Certified criteria for socially responsible manufacturing. TCO Development today announced the first displays to meet the latest TCO Certified sustainability certification, which includes CSR factors along with environmental and usability requirements.

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Statement from TCO Development – Apple leaves EPEAT

The fact that Apple is leaving the EPEAT register because their products can’t be recycled in a way that is environmentally acceptable is one example. Nevertheless the IT-industry needs to take measures. To produce one computer uses about 1.500 kg of water, human rights are violated in the production, the level and handling of the world’s e-waste can’t be neglected. It is a good sign that Apple is sincere and withdraws the products from the EPEAT registration when they can’t meet the standards.

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First IT products to meet new social responsibility requirements in TCO Certified

The first IT products to achieve the new generation TCO Certified sustainability certification are out. Focusing on environmental, social and economic responsibility, TCO Certified is the first program of it’s kind to enhance its environmental certification with requirements for corporate social responsibility – CSR - in production facilities for IT products.

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New Study – Responsible IT Purchasing on the Rise

Results from Devoteam’s 2011 Green IT Survey, conducted among 350 organizations in 22 European countries, reveal that the use of environmental criteria in professional IT purchasing has increased significantly compared with 2010.

Among the notable trends is the increased use of third party certifications in IT purchasing, which grew from 45% in 2010 to 68% in

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