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Now you can view our webinar on recycled plastics in IT products ONLINE

In April sustainability certification TCO Certified introduced a new requirement for a minimum 85 percent recycled plastics in the TCO Certified Edge program. On June 18 we invite you to a webinar where we will present the new TCO Certified Edge program along with the advantages of recycled plastics in IT products.

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Report – increasing Post Consumer Recycled Plastics in IT products

Almost all IT products contain plastics. But, the use of new or “virgin oil” plastics is connected to a number of sustainability problems, including Co2 emissions, high resource use in manufacturing and the threat of hazardous petrochemicals affecting human health and the natural environment. Today only about 10% of plastics from durable goods is recycled, further adding to these threats and the global e-waste crisis. A new background report from TCO Development calls for an increase in the use of post consumer recycled plastics in IT products.

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