Reduce e-waste volumes with TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated

E-waste is an enormous human health and environmental problem. Here’s a way of taking responsibility and contributing to the solution. When you buy an IT product certified according to the TCO Certified Edge criterion, E-waste Compensated, an equivalent amount of e-waste is collected in a country that is lacking in safe recycling systems.

This protects the environment from hazardous substances and, due to social requirements, fair job opportunities are created locally.

TCO Certified Edge is a supplemental certification to TCO Certified, intended for best in class products meeting leading edge sustainability criteria. The certification recognizes those products that are leading the way. All products certified to TCO Certified Edge are also independently verified to meet all criteria in TCO Certified, including comprehensive requirements for environmental and social responsibility.

TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated is available for notebooks, smartphones and tablets.

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How it works

1. Purchase a certified product

By asking for TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated, you provide an additional incentive for the IT industry to get involved in the collection of e-waste.

2. E-waste is collected

For each certified product that is manufactured, the IT brand must make sure that an equivalent amount of e-waste is collected and recycled.

3. People get fair jobs

People are employed to handle the collected products. Work must be carried out in accordance with a code of conduct, including strict criteria on working conditions and working hours.

4. IT products are recycled

The collected e-waste is transported to a recycling plant compliant with strict environmental criteria. Materials are taken care of and prepared for reuse.

The process for collecting and recycling e-waste is audited by independent verification organizations.

Use the criterion in procurement

TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated gives organizations all over the world a powerful tool to combat e-waste, and the opportunity to make a real difference for people affected by today’s unsustainable approach to electronics.

To take responsibility, you only need to do one thing: ask for TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated in the procurement of new IT products. This way, you contribute to the solution of the e-waste problem and, at the same time, you get products independently verified to all other criteria in TCO Certified.

Improves your sustainability reporting

Asking for TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated gives you access to important key indicators that your organization can use in sustainability reporting.

  • Amount of collected and recycled IT products (kilograms and quantity).
  • Key indicators in TCO Certified: product energy use, percentage of recycled plastic used and total product weight.*

*Criteria for energy use are not available for all product categories.

An opportunity for brand owners

More than ever, IT buyers demand products that are responsibly designed and made. Many organizations want to be environmentally and socially responsible and meet national and international sustainability targets. Working proactively with environmental and social issues is an opportunity to meet growing customer demand. Our criteria and independent verification help you structure your sustainability work and offer a platform for continuous improvement.

Cooperation helps us drive faster change. The more IT brands commit to the requirements in TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated, the more discarded products can be collected.