– Communication guidance

How to use the TCO Certified brand and logo

This guide helps you ensure consistent, clear and accurate communication of what the TCO Certified brand stands for. Please refer to this guide as well as your agreement with TCO Development for full details about accurate product labeling and certification naming.

How to describe your certified products

Use these texts when you want to explain TCO Certified in marketing material.

TCO Certified is a global sustainability certification for IT products. [Brand Name] uses TCO Certified to manage environmental and social risk connected to IT products.TCO Certified includes a comprehensive system of up-to-date criteria, independent verification and a structured system for continuous improvement to drive real and lasting change.

[Brand Name] offers products that are certified according to TCO Certified. These product models meet a wide scope of sustainability criteria, covering both environmental and social responsibility in the supply chain and throughout the product life cycle. Criteria areas include hazardous substances, circularity, socially responsible manufacturing, environmentally responsible manufacturing, and much more.

All criteria are mandatory, which means that the certified product must meet all criteria for its product category in TCO Certified. Compliance with all criteria is independently verified by accredited experts. Verification is mandatory and continuous and carried out both before and after certification, throughout the certificate’s validity period.

When you describe the certified product

  • This product is certified according to TCO Certified
  • This product carries the TCO Certified designation