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As TCO Certified includes a wide scope of criteria, we want to make the certification process as efficient as possible for you.

When applying for computer certification, here are some reminders for streamlining the process.

Do we have to do a full product test when we already have test reports?

In some cases, full product testing may not be required, when certain test reports from an ISO 17025 test facility show compliance with TCO Certified.

If the applicant can provide test reports showing compliance with criteria for energy consumption, noise or a Declarations of Identity (DOI) with an already tested model for the keyboard criteria (notebooks), then this testing does not need to be repeated. Note that all submitted test reports must be from a facility accredited to ISO 17025.

How to show compliance when additional product testing is not required:

1. Use pre-approved notebook panels

By selecting notebook panels from our pre-approved list, you will not even need to send a product sample for additional visual ergonomics testing. You will only need to send declarations for environmental, social responsibility, electrical safety and workload ergonomics compliance to the accredited verification facility. You will also need to submit the Information to End Users form.

2. Energy efficiency

Option 1- Provide a test report from an ISO 17025 accredited test facility.

Option 2- Test at a TCO Development accepted facility. Worst case test sample of highest energy consuming p