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The IT market is complex, and technology development is fast-paced. Our ambition is always to maintain criteria levels until the next generation of TCO Certified is launched. However, sometimes changes are required in order to provide necessary clarifications.

These changes have historically been sent out in the technical update newsletter. To make it easy to follow any updated clarifications in criteria, we have decided to release an updated criteria document, which will from now on be referred to as a new edition. The new edition will incorporate all the clarifications announced through the technical newsletter. When a new edition is released, the criteria levels are never raised, to ensure that all currently certified products continue to meet the criteria in TCO Certified.

The edition number will be printed in the footer of each page of the criteria document.
Going forward, we will continue to announce all changes through the technical newsletter, along with information on release dates for new editions of the criteria document.

In December 2018, TCO Certified, generation 8 was launched. This first release was “edition 1”. The next edition will therefore be “edition 2”.

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