Here is a clarification of how brand owners can show compliance with criterion 1.1 when the product is shipped without a complete manual in paper form.

We have seen that there is a trend to stop including complete paper manuals shipped with the product. We fully support this change but this affects how the brand owners can show compliance with criterion 1.1, information to end users.

Section 1.1.1.a of this criterion reads:

a. The information document for end users must be written in English or in the local
language of the country where the product is to be sold. It must accompany the
product in at least one of the following ways:

  1. As a separate printed or digital document.
  2. Included in a printed or digital user manual.
  3. As a separate digital document that is hosted on the brand owner’s website. A direct link to the document must be included in the printed or digital user manual mentioned above.