Mobility is a strong trend, and portable monitors are becoming increasingly popular. Here’s a clarification of how TCO Development defines these products and how they are categorized and certified according to TCO Certified.

We define portable monitors as follows:

Lightweight displays equipped with or without batteries that are intended for portable use. Typically equipped with a multi-function USB-C connector for data communication as well as power. Portable monitors often have a simple fold-out stand.

Products meeting this definition of portable monitors may be certified according to TCO Certified, generation 9, for displays.

Some additional clarifications of how the criteria in TCO Certified apply to “portable monitors”:

Electromagnetic emission criteria (4.2 and 4.3) are not applicable if one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • The product has no stand (a simple fold-out stand is considered a stand)
  • The product is intended to be used with batteries
  • The product is powered by a multi-function USB-C

Battery criteria are not applicable as the product category displays in TCO Certified, generation 9 does not take batteries into consideration.

Energy efficiency (criterion 5.1) is applicable if the product can be connected to a regular power outlet.