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We have made several changes to the criteria documents, making them easier to navigate, and easier to apply for certification.

Changes are highlighted

For easier reference, new criteria are clearly marked “NEW” in the criteria heading. Updated criteria are marked with “REVISED”. This is also referenced in the table of contents.

Consistent chapter numbering

To make it easier for brand owners wanting to certify products in multiple categories, criteria that apply to more than one product category now have the same chapter number in all criteria documents.

Criteria alongside verification method

The information about verification methods is now presented directly alongside the criterion itself, which means it’s now easier to see what’s required to comply with each criterion.

Forms for signature collected in one place

To simplify the application process, all forms to be filled in and signed are placed in a separate chapter — chapter 11. This makes them easier to find, and requires fewer signatures.

New look documents

The criteria documents and the test images feature a new design.