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Many thanks to all who attended our workshops and webinars about the draft TCO Certified, generation 8, as well as for all your comments. We’re currently reviewing all comments and finalizing the criteria for release in early September.

Stakeholder input is an important aspect in setting criteria that are meaningful, relevant and help drive us toward a more sustainable life cycle.

A majority of your comments and questions were focused on 5 areas:

Plasticizers: How the GreenScreenⓇ process works and anticipated choices of approved substances.
Replaceable components: Information sharing around spare parts pricing and safety risks of sharing information to end users about how to open products.
TCO Certified portal: Data security and how the system will work.
Standardized connectors: Feasibility of requiring USB Type C.
Supply chain responsibility: Compliance with Max 60 h/week (incl. overtime).

We will respond directly to your comments over the coming weeks.

Look for the release of the final criteria in early September. At that time TCO Certified, generation 8, will be open for product applications and information on how to apply and upgrade your existing certifications will be made available.