Two substances have been added to TCO Certified Accepted Substance List after undergoing GreenScreen® hazard assessments by independent toxicologists.

The following substances have been added to the public TCO Certified Accepted Substance List, and can be used in certified products.

Substance name/Trade name CAS Type Assessed Profiler
Resorcinol Bis-Diphenylphosphate 125997-21-9 FR Dec, 2019 Toxservices
Di(monoepoxyoleate, Monoacetate) Glyceryl Adipate 2101439-53-4 PL Jun, 2020 Toxservices

Before a substance is added to the list, it is assessed in an objective, scientific way, using GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals. TCO Certified Accepted Substance List is dynamic and the substances may be reassessed in light of new scientific findings.

The benchmark score of these two substances can be found on TCO Certified Accepted Substance List. The assessments reports can be viewed on Toxservices screened chemistry library — ToxFMD.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephen Fuller, Senior Criteria Manager at TCO Development.

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