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As part of the new generation TCO Certified, brands declare the actual energy consumption, recycled plastic content and total weight of all certified product models. This data makes it easier for professional IT buyers to measure the effects of their sustainable IT policy and provide greater insights into areas where continued improvement is needed.

Launched in November of last year, the new generation TCO Certified requires that energy consumption in on, sleep and off-modes is tested by an independent third party and that those values are declared on the product certificate. This data provides a reliable basis for supporting an organization’s goals for energy reduction.

– This is a way to provide key performance indicators to those working with sustainable IT and purchasing of IT-products says, Niclas Rydell, manager TCO Certified at TCO Development, the organization behind the sustainability certification for IT-products.

Declarations on the percentage of recycled plastics in the products as well as total weight can also be used to measure and reduce an organization’s environmental impact. Another benefit of using recycled plastic content is the reduced energy use in the manufacturing phase – reductions of up to 80 percent have been documented. Product weight has a direct effect on both transportation as well as the amount of e-waste at the end of life.

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Chemist and Sustainable IT expert Håkan Nordin comments: – The new criteria in TCO Certified offer a simpler way for sustainability managers to measure these aspects connected to IT products and support continual improvement in the organization.