Stockholm, March 31, 2021

Four informative guides will help organizations take social and environmental responsibility when purchasing IT products. The guides are presented by the organization behind the global leading sustainability certification, TCO Certified.

Computers, displays and other IT products come with a number of sustainability risks, such as conflict minerals, hazardous substances and poor working conditions in the supply chain. Choosing IT products that are better for people and the planet can make a big difference.

“The expanding role of procurement means that issues like climate impact, waste diversion and supply chain ethics are now priority factors with each purchase. We want to help IT purchasers address both environmental and supply chain responsibility risk connected to the electronics they buy”, says Clare Hobby Director Purchaser Engagement Global at TCO Development, the organization behind TCO Certified.

The collection of guides includes four core documents to help purchasers get started or advance in their sustainable procurement.

A guide to sustainable IT purchasing with TCO Certified

A step-by-step guide takes you through the procurement process and explains what you need to do to get started with sustainable IT procurement using TCO Certified.

Summary of criteria in TCO Certified, generation 8

A detailed summary of all criteria included in TCO Certified and a brief overview of how compliance is independently verified.

Recommended language for using TCO Certified in procurement

Suggested language for including TCO Certified in tenders, policies, and other procurement documentation.

Equivalent proof of compliance

For purchasers that are required to accept equivalent proof of compliance with TCO Certified, this guide outlines the specific proof you need to ask for.

Access the guides here

Using a reputable certification makes sustainable procurement both easier and more efficient, since the purchaser gets access to a number of ready-made criteria, and doesn’t have