Washington DC Summit: New Sustainable IT Purchasing Guidelines

Increasingly purchasers are demanding more transparency into the environmental and social impacts of the IT products they buy. They’re also uniquely positioned to affect positive change at a scale that can transform markets.

That is why new US guidelines for sustainable purchasing of IT and other products will be discussed this week at the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) annual summit, in Washington, DC May 24 – 26. The new guidelines themselves will be released soon after the Summit as part of the second version of SPLC’s “Guidance for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing.” The Guidance will help buyers build a sustainable IT purchasing program that combines environmental and social responsibility throughout the product life cycle. TCO Development is a member of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG), which is developing the new guidelines for IT Hardware and services.

In addition to IT hardware, the guidelines address a variety of other high priority products and services including: construction & renovation, food and transportation & fuels.

Sören Enholm from TCO Development will be speaking in two sessions at the Summit;

Technically, Certification is a Thirteen Letter Word

Purchasers already use third-party certification for everything from electrical safety to motor oil because credible certifications can simplify procurement and ensure compliance with mandates and functional requirements. The same should be true for sustainability certifications. But while the media routinely reports “hundreds” of environmental labels in the marketplace, are there really that many trustworthy ones?

Speakers: Sören Enholm – TCO Development, Billy Linstead – Goldsmith Fair Trade Campaigns, Chip Wood – Center for Resource Solutions, Corey Brinkema – FSC, Mark Petruzzi – Green Seal

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What’s the Future of IT Sustainability Standards?

Public interest advocates have raised many concerns about social and environmental impacts associated with the lifecycle of electronics, including conflict minerals, human and labor rights violations, e-waste pollution, and more. Purchasing electronics using sustainability standards that verifiably mitigate these impacts can produce significant benefits for buyers, communities, and the planet. Join two leaders in electronics sustainability standards for a dialogue about the standards currently available, the differences between verification methods, the social and environmental impacts they do and don’t address today, and how purchasers can play a vitally important role in the further development of strong electronics sustainability standards.

Speakers: Sören Enholm – TCO Development, Nancy Gillis – Green Electronics Council

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About the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

SPLC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support and recognize purchasing leadership that accelerates the transition to a prosperous and sustainable future. More information at www.sustainablepurchasing.org or contact SPLC’s Communications Coordinator, Cuchulain Kelly.

For more information about the Summit, contact clare.hobby@tcodevelopment.com at TCO Development. Follow us at @TCOCertified for live tweets from the event.

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