Between 2012 and 2017, H&M IT worked to halve the environmental impact of IT while the size of the organisation – in terms of the number of stores – was expected roughly to double during the same period.

Being able to demonstrate that decoupling is possible, even during a period of strong growth, was important to H&M. Working with IT and reducing the environmental impact is a complex matter. Competence, a sense of engagement, a budget and clear leadership were all required for efforts for H&M to be successful.

We invited H&M to talk about their work through the sustainability initiative “Double Sales – Half Impact”. The session gives a deep dive into the project to look closer at the impacts of the initiative on the organization as well as lessons learned by H&M.

The session was followed by a discussion between H&M and TCO Development focusing on the sustainability impact when it comes to IT products and what your organization can do. You will also be invited to ask your questions.

Are you working with sustainable change in your organization? Do you affect procurement decisions? Do you have a role to play in sustainable IT solutions? Do you want to know more about the “Double Sales – Half Impact” project?