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The criteria for TCO Certified, generation 8 are finalized and published. By applying now, brands can be among the first to get their products certified to the new generation.

Today, the application opens. Products that pass before November 20 will be recognized at the official launch of TCO Certified, generation 8 on December 4. From this date, procuring organizations can start specifying for the new generation of criteria when purchasing IT products, and find a full listing of products certified to generation 8 on

The new generation represents the largest shift yet toward a sustainable life cycle, with strong interest from the IT industry.

“More brands than ever have been engaged in the development process and want to get their products certified as soon as possible” says Sören Enholm, CEO at TCO Development, the organization behind TCO Certified.

Enholm emphasizes that the growing interest from industry is market-driven.

“IT buyers want to make responsible choices and demand products that are more sustainably designed and made. Now more than ever, brands find that TCO Certified gives access to business opportunities.”

IT products are connected to many environmental and social risks throughout their life cycle and technology is constantly evolving. To drive faster progress, TCO Development releases a new generation of criteria every three years. Generation 8 includes several new and revised criteria that target priority issues — circularity, supply chain responsibility and transparency. Purchasing organizations will also be able to use TCO Certified in their sustainability reporting in a more efficient way, and connect criteria to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“This new generation of criteria is a major step toward a sustainable life cycle for IT products, and far from all products meet the criteria. TCO Certified is an independent proof of sustainability leadership”, Sören Enholm concludes.

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About TCO Certified

TCO Certified is the world-leading sustainability certification for IT products. Our comprehensive criteria are designed to drive social and environmental responsibility throughout the product life cycle. Covering 11 product categories including computers, mobile devices, display products and data center products, compliance is independently verified, both pre and post certification.


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