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What’s new in TCO Certified, generation 8?

TCO Certified, generation 8 marks a major step forward in several areas. With several new and updated criteria, this generation aims to drive progress in supply chain responsibility and transparency as well as taking a more circular approach to IT products by extending their usable lifetime and promoting re-use.

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Legacy generations

A new generation of TCO Certified is released every three years. When a new generation is launched, products can no longer be certified to the previous generation. A legacy generation may be valid for a limited time before it is archived.

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TCO Certified, generation 8

TCO Certified, generation 8 encourage a circular approach to the production and consumption of IT products by demanding durable products that can be repaired, upgraded and recycled. We take a large step forward in supply chain responsibility with sharper criteria, increased monitoring in high risk factories and by following up on corrective action plans in an even more efficient way. TCO Certified, generation 8 is also designed to help your organization contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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