– Step-by-step guide for purchasers

How to use TCO Certified in IT procurement

Including TCO Certified in procurement policies and tenders is an easy, independently verified way to drive environmental and social responsibility in the life cycle and value chain of electronics. Our step-by-step guide helps you getting started and offers practical tips along the way.

Plug TCO Certified into procurement language

Using TCO Certified in procurement is as easy as citing it in your procurement language. You don’t need deep knowledge in sustainability or a network of experts that have access to factories all over the world. We set relevant criteria and verify compliance for you, saving you time and resources.

Here’s an example of how to cite TCO Certified:

[Product category/categories] delivered under this contract must be certified in accordance with TCO Certified upon product delivery. As proof of criteria fulfillment, the product shall be listed in TCO Development’s Product Finder, available at tcocertified.com/product-finder.

More examples of how to include TCO Certified in procurement policies and tenders are available here.