Launch schedule: Next Generation TCO Certified

This year, we’re launching the Next Generation TCO Certified. Beginning in late March, we’ll be releasing draft versions of new and updated criteria. TCO Certified is developed continually in an open process, including dialog with multiple stakeholders, resulting in a new generation every three years.

New Energy Star 6.0 for energy efficiency in computers now in effect.

On June 2, 2014 the new Energy Star 6.0 for computers for energy efficiency came into effect. Like TCO Certified, Energy Star updates requirements regularly in line with new technologies and user demands. This update will also be included in relevant TCO Certified criteria. So if you purchase a TCO Certified notebook, display, desktop or all-in-one PC you can be assured that it also is verified to meet the latest Energy Star requirements as well as all TCO Certified sustainability criteria. Buyers should make sure to request the latest version of TCO Certified in purchasing specifications.

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