TCO Certified now part of German federal procurement criteria

TCO Certified, announced a new cooperation with the Office for Procurement of the German Ministry of the Interior (Beschaffungsamt des Bundesministerium des Innern, BeschA). TCO Certified is set to become part of the newly established code of conduct, agreed to by the BeschA and the electronics industry group BITKOM, another step toward more sustainable procurement of IT products.

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Smartphones and tablets – purchasers and procurers can make a more sustainable choice

More buyers of smartphones and tablets should make sure they’re asking the major device brands for devices that are sustainably sustainably designed and made. Niclas Rydell of sustainability certification organization TCO Development believes this buyer influence is critical is turning the tide of mounting environmental and social challenges associated with our increased use of mobile computing products.

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Third Party Certifications join forces to challenge public sector

In a first of its kind collaboration, a group of third party environmental and sustainability certifications have joined forces to challenge the public sector to become more socially and environmentally responsible in their purchasing practices. The initiative coincides with the publication of EU’s expanded directive for public purchasing. The new directive expands opportunities to include environmental and social aspects when using public funds to buy goods and services. In EU, public purchasing accounts for around 200 billion Euro annually.

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EU States to use TCO Certified to make socially and environmentally responsible IT product choices

Earlier this year the EU Parliament adopted a new public procurement directive. The directive makes it easier for purchasing contracts – including those for IT products - to include requirements for social and environmental responsibility from electronics manufacturers. Member countries have until 2016 to implement the new directive.

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EU Public procurement to look beyond lowest price as deciding factor

Price will no longer be the key driver in determining what public purchasers buy in the EU, following the passing of new directives this week in the European Parliament. Municipalities and agencies throughout the region will now be able to freely add environmental and social requirements to their purchasing specifications.

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