Many labels and standards claim they are proof of a more sustainable product. How do you know which ones to trust? Our webinar will help you find the right strategies when working with ecolabels in sustainable procurement.

Used in the right way, ecolabels can make your work with sustainable procurement easier. To get the best results, you need to know what differentiates labels of different types. How can you make sure that the label you choose actually drive sustainable development? What will happen if the criteria aren’t followed up by independent verifiers?

October 25, choose from two time slots:


9-10 CET, 15-16 Beijing/Taipei, 16-17 KST/JST


17-18 CET, 11-12 US Eastern, 8-9 Pacific

Björn-Erik Lönn

Chair of Global Ecolabelling Network
Identifying ecolabels that have a real impact and understanding the difference between labels. How do I know if a product is more sustainable?

Andreas Rehn

Certification Manager, TCO Development
Ecolabels in action! How to use your purchasing power to drive progress towards a more circular and sustainable product life cycle.

Kristine Dorosko

Policy Officer Eco-Innovation and Circular Economy, European Commission
How ecolabels can help your organization contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This webinar is part of World Ecolabel Day, a global day celebrating more sustainable products and services. Behind World Ecolabel Day stands Global Ecolabelling Network.