– TCO Certified Accepted Substance List

Safer alternatives to hazardous substances listed here

Hazardous substances in IT products are a risk to human health and the environment. Criteria in TCO Certified aim to reduce or eliminate the use of these substances, drive transparency and develop pathways to safer alternatives.

Simply banning substances isn’t enough. We need better information about the substances that are being used to replace them. With TCO Certified, a chemical is considered a high risk until it is proven to be otherwise. GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals is used to identify a pathway to safer alternatives. Only plasticizers, flame retardants and process chemicals that achieve a benchmark score of 2, 3 or 4 by a Licensed GreenScreen Profiler are added to TCO Certified Accepted Substance List and may be used in the products and manufacture of certified products.

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TCO Certified Accepted Substance List

These substances are approved for use in the products and manufacture of certified products. The list is dynamic and the substances may be reassessed in light of new scientific findings. You can filter the list by clicking on the purple header bar, or by using the search field to the right.

Substance name/Trade nameCAS numberTypeBenchmarkAssessedSunset dateProfilerComments
Triphenyl Phosphate115-86-6FR2Jul, 2019Rosenblum2
Resorcinol Bis-Diphenylphosphate125997-21-9FR2Dec, 2019Toxservices
Aluminum oxide1344-28-1FR2May, 2020Toxservices
Melamine Polyphosphate
/Melapur® 200
15541-60-3; 218768-84-4FR2Oct, 2019Toxservices1, 4
Aluminum Hydroxide21645-51-2FR2Apr, 2019Rosenblum2
phenanthrene‐10‐oxide (DOPO)
35948‐25‐5FR2May, 2021Gradient
Resorcinol Bis-Diphenylphosphate
/Fyrolflex RDP
57583-54-7FR2Oct, 2019Gradient4
Coconut Oil Polyester
854537-29-4PL2Oct, 2019Gradient4
Substituted Amine Phosphate mixture66034-17-1FR2Apr, 2019Rosenblum2
Siloxanes and silicones, di-Me, di-Ph,
polymers with Ph silsesquioxanes
68648-59-9FR2Feb, 2019Toxservices
2-(2-Butoxyethoxy) ethanol112-34-5CI2Dec, 2020Toxservices
2-Ethanolamine141-43-5CI2Dec, 2020Toxservices
Acetone67-64-1CI2Dec, 2020Toxservices