To drive better design whilst considering sustainability benefits, we now draft a new TCO Certified Edge Displays criterion: flame retardant free enclosure

The benefits of eliminating flame retardants in display product enclosures include a lower risk of human or environmental exposure to hazardous chemicals during the product life cycle, and it facilitates the recycling of the plastic enclosure.

The new TCO Certified Edge Displays criterion is now released and you’re welcome to contribute with your comments until September 25. Please contact us with any questions.

Next steps and timeline

Sep 4-Sep 25: The official draft is released, and open for comment.

Oct 28: TCO Certified Edge Displays – flame retardant free enclosure will be published. From the release date, brand owners can apply for certification.

Nov: First TCO Certified Edge Displays – flame retardant free product will be launched.

About TCO Certified Edge

TCO Certified Edge is a supplemental certification that can be added to certified models, for those leading edge products showing superior performance in select sustainability criteria.