Benchmarking chemicals with GreenScreen® in TCO Certified

Of the thousands of chemicals available for commercial use, only about 1% have ever gone through testing to assess their effects on human health and the environment. In TCO Certified, we use the GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals to identify a pathway to safer alternatives to be used in certified products. GreenScreen offers an objective, scientific way of assessing these potential effects, and finding safer alternatives to the most hazardous substances.

Updates made to criterion 1.3, Sustainability performance

The criteria 1.3 has been further developed during the draft period of TCO Certified, generation 8. It now includes a number of questions for data gathering, making it possible to measure today’s IT products towards tomorrow’s sustainability criteria.

New TCO Certified Edge will be launched in 2020

As part of the TCO Certified, generation 8 development process, we have evaluated the role of TCO Certified Edge. Following this evaluation, we have decided to launch a new generation of TCO Certified Edge in 2020. Until then, brand owners can apply for certification to the existing generation of criteria.

TCO Certified, generation 8 – thank you for your comments

Many thanks to all who attended our workshops and webinars about the draft TCO Certified, generation 8, as well as for all your comments. We’re currently reviewing all comments and finalizing the criteria for release in early September.