TCO Development is designing criteria for three new product categories: network equipment, data storage and servers. The pre-drafts of the criteria are now released and you’re welcome to contribute with your comments.

Organizations increasingly include data center products in the IT infrastructure. Just like any other IT product, data center products are connected to sustainability issues throughout the supply chain, with negative impacts on both human health and the environment. By adding these three product categories to TCO Certified, we want to help drive sustainable development in this sector and make responsible choices easier.

A growing purchaser demand is another reason why this is a natural step to take. The new product area will help put more sustainable products on the market, helping IT brands meet the purchaser need for solutions that are independently verified against criteria for environmental and supply chain sustainability. Buyers asking for certified servers and other data center equipment can take a more holistic view of TCO Certified as part of their sustainable IT focus.

The data center package

The data center package, including network equipment, data storage and servers, will be part of TCO Certified, generation 8. The majority of the criteria is the same as the current product categories. TCO Certified drives responsibility and transparency in the supply chain, and reduces or eliminates the use of hazardous substances in IT products. Certified products must be energy efficient and circular solutions are enabled through criteria focusing on product repairability. TCO Certified also helps purchasing organizations contribute to national and global sustainability goals.

On July 1, the pre-drafts for network equipment, data storage and servers are released — giving you an opportunity to present feedback at an early stage. The pre-drafts include the mandates of the intended criteria. At this stage of the process, larger changes are possible.

The next step is that the official drafts for the three product categories are released for comments on September 12. In addition to criteria, they also include clarifications, criteria levels, and test and verification methods. At this stage of the process, only minor changes are possible.

TCO Certified, generation 8, for network equipment, data storage and servers will be published in December 2019. From the release date, brand owners can apply for product certification.

View the draft and provide your comments

View and comment on the pre-draft criteria

Next steps and timeline

July 1-August 12: Pre-draft, including intended criteria and product definitions, is open for comment. We welcome your input.

August 13-September 11: We review all comments and make necessary adjustments to the criteria.

September 12 -November 12: The official draft is released, and open for comment. The official draft contains criteria and product definitions, including test and verification methods.

December 12: TCO Certified, generation 8 for network equipment, data storage and servers will be published. From the release date, brand owners can apply for product certification.