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TCO Certified for data center products — available now!

IT products in data centers are connected to both social and environmental sustainability risks throughout their life cycle. To help tackle these problems, TCO Certified includes three of the most important components of data centers: network equipment, data storage products and servers.

These product categories are part of TCO Certified, generation 8 and the same criteria areas are covered. TCO Certified, generation 8 drives responsibility and transparency in the supply chain and reduces or eliminates the use of hazardous substances in IT products. Certified products must be energy efficient and circular solutions are enabled through criteria focusing on product repairability. TCO Certified also helps purchasing organizations contribute to national and global sustainability goals.

Now available
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Network equipment

Enables communication between various network devices.

Data storage

Supplies data storage services to clients and devices.


Manages network resources and provide services for client devices.


How to apply for certification

  • 1. Prepare your application by reviewing the criteria. Meet with us (if you’re applying for the first time), sign the agreement and contact an approved verifier.
  • 4. Once compliance with all criteria is verified, the product can be certified and you have taken the next step in social and environmental responsibility.
  • 2. Send your product and relevant documentation to a verifier. When it has been tested and approved, you will get a confirmation.
  • 3. Submit a completed application form along with documentation, or let an accredited verification organization apply on your behalf.
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