By Recipo

Recipo’s ‘Secure Collect’ partners up with Elgiganten and Mirec a part of NG Metall. Through an informative commercial that has so far reached 1.3 million unique viewers, we introduce a safe collection container for small IT and electronics that can store private data.

This text is part of the Circular Electronics Initiative blog series. Multiple organizations stand behind this initiative that aims sto encourage organizations and consumers to take a more responsible approach to electronics.

Vinova research (2021) revealed that almost one in three consumers, cited their private data as the reason for not pursuing reuse or recycling options for their old mobile phones.

It is further estimated that there are 25 million unused mobile phones in Swedish homes. Being able to offer a secure collection system is paramount if we are to recover the environmentally costly resources that lie within. Consumers need a means to recycle safely.

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