The Circular Electronics Initiative aims to encourage organizations and consumers to take a more responsible approach to the electronic goods they use. The initiative keeps growing and more organizations are backing the work. Part of the core activities is #CircularElectronicsInitiative with focus to inspire people to manage their electronics in a circular way.

In today’s linear economy, we take virgin natural resources to manufacture products, which often have a short lifespan before they are discarded. This leads to a number of serious sustainability issues, affecting human health and the environment. Valuable natural resources are depleted and toxic e-waste is accumulating at the record rate of 50 million metric tonnes every year. This equals the weight of nearly 4,500 Eiffel towers or 8.3 Pyramids of Giza! Adding to the problem, e-waste is often handled in unsafe ways, leading to human health problems and environmental degradation.

In a circular economy, resources are handled in a more responsible way. The goal is to extend product lifetime and recirculate all materials without producing any waste. For electronics, this means reducing virgin resource extraction, extending use-life of products and minimizing waste and pollution.

Participating organizations

Aliter Networks
Chalmers University of Technology
Circular Computing
Closing the Loop
Compare and Recycle