TCO Certified Edge — an additional step toward sustainable IT products

TCO Certified Edge is a supplemental certification to TCO Certified, intended for best in class products meeting leading edge sustainability criteria. The certification pushes boundaries and recognizes those products that are leading the way.

TCO Certified Edge goes further

TCO Certified Edge focuses on specific sustainability aspects, and products are certified to each of the criteria separately. It is a complementary certification to TCO Certified. All products certified to TCO Certified Edge are also independently verified to meet all criteria in TCO Certified, including comprehensive requirements for environmental and social responsibility.

Independent verification of compliance

Compliance with all criteria in TCO Certified Edge is checked by independent verification organizations that specialize in IT products, social responsibility or other sustainability issues. All test facilities are accredited to ISO 17025. Test and verification methods vary between criteria. For details, please check the criteria document for your product category.

Products certified according to TCO Certified Edge

You can find certified products in our Product Finder.