Nick Liu, Purchaser Engagement Manager for region Asia talks about our commitment to supporting purchasers in Asia and how we are working with the International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN) to help drive sustainable consumption and production in the region.

Nick Lui
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Nick Liu

Asia region

What’s going on when it comes to sustainable procurement in your region?

I’ve seen the term “sustainable consumption and production” used more often than “sustainable procurement” in Asia, but I guess deep down both terms share the same core meaning which is sustainable and environmentally balanced supply and demand. Clearly, we see a need for procurement to take a more active role and use their leverage to drive change.

There are several parties impacting sustainable purchasing. Some of them are the national green purchasing networks, the efforts from the organizations behind ecolabels, and the regulations and GPP frameworks from governments. Collectively they encourage industries to supply more certified products and services, conforming with environmental sustainability criteria, which to a certain extent leads to more sustainable consumption habits.