The interest for sustainable procurement and TCO Certified is really growing and we are happy to welcome Barton Finn to our team. He will offer free support to purchasers in French speaking Europe including Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

Hi Barton, what will your new role be?

“My job is to support purchasing organizations that want to make responsible choices of the IT products they buy. This primarily means providing IT procurers with operational support and expertise in using TCO Certified in their tenders. It also entails working with Europeans and national governments to drive effective policies fostering responsible procurement practises.”

Tell us a bit about yourself!

“I am a belgian citizen born and raised in Brussels where I studied PR and European affairs. I have a passion for politics and technology which in the past led me to work for the European Parliament and more recently as part of the government affairs department of a major IT company. Through those experiences, I grew a strong interest in working at the crossroads of IT, sustainability and procurement. As a person, my motto is to always value and enjoy human contacts.”

Why did you choose to join TCO Development?

“I am really excited to join TCO Development since sustainability is now mainstream in my region and organizations are starting to realize the significant role procurement can play. From that perspective, TCO Development offers a solution, both for purchasing more sustainable IT products and for driving improvements in the IT industry. Being part of that solution and therefore enabling a better planet and society is why I chose to join TCO Development.”