We know that getting to a sustainable IT ecosystem is a journey of continuous improvement. But with electronics, we can’t wait around, assuming progress will simply happen. We all have to make some moves. Reaching the big, audacious goal means setting targets, raising awareness and building commitment in our own organizations. As ESG priorities center on climate, circular economy and ethical supply chains, we need an“all-in” approach to influencing the way electronics are designed, made and moved through the life cycle.

Blog by:
Clare Hobby

North and South America

And how do we take action fast? Because technology isn’t waiting. Neither should you. That’s why we’re proud to launch TCO Certified, generation 9.

One place to start is procurement. Procurement is like a secret weapon in the drive for more sustainable IT products – and a global shift to IT sustainability means that organizations need to make use of procurement even more.

Put simply, when organizations make their sustainable procurement intentions clear, their budgets and influence are leverage for change. From our multi-stakeholder dialogs, we know that sustainable procurement practices and customer requests are among the most powerful signals for industry to take action. Yet there are still many organizations not using their procurement for sustainability impact.

Your specifications are critical for driving progress toward a sustainable product ecosystem, where electronics are made for longer use, in a waste-free, responsible supply chain where workers and communities thrive. This is the vision for TCO Certified, and generation 9 makes it even easier for procurement to take direct action on climate, circularity and responsible supply chains.

Sound like utopia? It doesn’t need to be. Now might just be the perfect time for your organization to plug TCO Certified into your procurement language to show your commitment to greater environmental and supply chain social responsibility in IT hardware.