Annika Overödder, Purchaser Engagement Manager in the Nordic region, recently visited the southern part of Sweden to discuss circular procurement and how TCO Certified can make responsible choices easier.

Malmö is southern Sweden’s second largest city. What did you do there?

I was invited to a circularity meeting to speak with representatives from six Skåne municipalities: Ystad, Trelleborg, Eslöv, Höör, Helsingborg and Malmö. They have formed a network to discuss how to implement a more circular handling of IT products. The Region of Skåne and the County Administrative Board are partners in the project.

I explained how TCO Certified can be used in procurement, to make more sustainable and circular choices of IT products easier. TCO Certified includes criteria with a circular approach that promotes a longer product life, as well as criteria for social and environmental sustainability throughout the IT product life cycle. The certification also helps organizations contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.