Stefan Öberg, CEO of Tradera, talks about online shopping of circular electronics in Sweden. In the interview, Stefan highlights key trends within circular electronics and the main challenges in paving the way for a circular future for electronics.

This case is part of the Circular Electronics Day 2021 best practices series. Multiple organizations stand behind this initiative that takes place on January 24 with the aim to encourage organizations and consumers to take a more responsible approach to electronics.

What is Tradera?

Tradera is Sweden’s leading marketplace for circular online shopping and the company’s mission is to play a leading role in driving the transition to circular shopping in Sweden.

With over five million visits a week and 1000 new listings per hour, Tradera sees items swapping owners every three seconds. You can find anything from vintage fashion, accessories, interior design, and antiques, to toys, consumer electronics and collectibles on Tradera. The largest categories on Tradera are fashion and interior design products, but electronics is one of the fastest-growing segments.

How has the circular consumer electronics market developed on Tradera?

The market for consumer electronics has grown exponentially in the past few decades. New versions of electronic gadgets are released more and more frequently – and customers will go out and buy them even though the previous model often is far from worn out. Hence, a new market for used electronics has gradually grown in size at Tradera. The largest segment is used mobile phones.

The second-largest category is computers and reading tablets. A lot of TVs, sound/Hifi systems and smart home products are also sold on Tradera