By Dustin

Dustin is a leading online IT partner serving the Nordic region and Benelux. With the launch of our new takeback department during the fall 2021 Dustin are now able to offer takeback of used IT products to our markets in the Nordics. The takeback department is an integral part of Dustin’s sustainability goals.

This text is part of the Circular Electronics Initiative blog series. Multiple organizations stand behind this initiative that aims sto encourage organizations and consumers to take a more responsible approach to electronics.


We see a great potential in end-of-life returns considering customer demands and to take responsibility for our customers used IT products end-of-life will contribute to our customers and Dustin sustainability goals. The demand among our customers is rapidly growing and estimation is that approximately 90 % of the products can be re-used. Also, by managing the takeback process in-house we gain the control that allow us to assume responsibility throughout the entire takeback process from collection, transport and until the equipment receives a new owner.


For our customers the return is completed in three simple steps. First is to order the Dustin Safebox, secondly pack the Safebox with the used equipment or sort the E-waste in the separate recycling box. Finally order return of the Safebox and Dustin will collect the Safebox to our takeback centre in Växjö, Sweden. Dustin offers complete traceability of each product upon registration of each product at our facility. Upon registration we will securely erase and anonymize the equipment, pay kickback to the customer and provide complete sustainability report and deletion certificate. Finally, our pre-approved refurbishment partner will buy the equipment from us. In order to be an approved refurbishment partner with Dustin we perform due diligence to assure environmental and social integrity of our customers equipment in the extended lifecycle.