Listen to people in the frontline of circularity and IT products and put your questions directly to them at our digital event on September 22. Register now!

The circular economy has the potential to solve or reduce many of today’s sustainability challenges. What does circularity actually mean for IT products? Join us as we deep-dive into this issue together with experts that have hands-on experience of circular solutions.

Circularity in practice: How to manage your notebook computer responsibly

Did you know that just by using a notebook computer in a more responsible way, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by nearly 30 percent? We’ll present our recent study and give circular and practical advice on product life extension, energy efficiency, and why you should think twice before recycling.

Watch highlights from the event Circular IT Management in Practice, and get practical tips for your next step in circular IT.


The keys to circularity — expert panel discussion

Our speakers work with circularity in various ways: scientifically and practically, with procurement and purchasing, and with concrete solutions for refurbishment and remanufacturing. They will discuss this topic from several angles:

  • The single most important thing you can do is to give IT products a longer life. Why? And what does it mean in practice?
  • Circular solutions can also lead to financial benefits. How can organizations benefit?
  • Market demand is key to accelerating the pace of change. What are the keys to implementing circular procurement practices?
  • Many circular solutions are already in place — we now have to use them. How can you lower the threshold and go from planning to action?


Joan Prummel